About Lyndsey Bobola

Hi! I’m Lyndsey I’m from the Charleston Area. I grew up near Clemson (God’s Country lol) it is also where I met my husband, and I have two rambunctious fur babies.  I love hanging out with my family and friends, hiking and going on vacation. I am being athletic and finding new ways to push myself, but I also LOVE PIZZA.  But my BIGGEST passion is helping other see their potential and helping them build confidence through coaching, fitness and nutrition.

A Walking Testimony


I wasn’t always athletic, in fact throughout my undergrad I was very much overweight. I could barely walk to class without being out of breath and I had no clue what the word balance meant.

Since then, I have lost over 65 pounds and have been able to keep it off for over 5 years and decide to make Personal Training my career. I have made fitness and nutrition APART of my life, not my whole life. I know there are birthdays, holidays, and LIFE DAYS, where all you want is pizza. I am here to help you find balance between living healthy and indulging in life. I am here to help discover the myths and truths about the fitness industry including exercise, fad diets and all other things.

But the first thing you must do is LEAVE the excuses at the door. There is no room for those when you are trying to grow and make changes.

If you are READY to change your life, let me help to cut through the noise of the fitness industry to find real, lasting change. I am going to help you create goals and developed fitness nutrition plans that will work if YOU WORK!

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