Dec 06

Holiday Tips and Tricks!

To the horror of my stress levels and acid reflux the Holidays are rapidly approaching. The busy stores, the howling children, copious amounts of alcohol, Christmas cookies and snacks, casseroles, cheese….and did I mention the howling children???

Anyways we know the holidays can be super stressful and a time where that pesky 10 pounds can sneak up on your back side.


I could give you a hundred tips on how to stay away from all the goodies and treats but GIRL its Christmas.  So, I am going to tell you to ENJOY THAT HOLIDAY TREAT that you have loved since you were a child.

But there is a way to do it, so you aren’t haunted by the ghost of a guilty past.  Here are a few tips ( yep you got it, 12 tips in light of 12 days of Christmas), that even if you are travelling will help you stay guilt free.



  1. STOP RESTRICTING YOURSELF. We all know we do it. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. We say we are NOT going to have a bad thing this year…. raise your hand if yours is the first to reach the cookie PLATTER AND THE LAST TO LEAVE IT. YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP!!!! Every time you restrict yourself, your brain flips the script and that’s all it wants and when you finally eat it the joyous, useless feeling of guilt hit you like a torpedo to the chest. So, stop!!!!!
  2. Stick to the veggies and meat.
  3. Pick the meal. If you are going to multiple Christmas parties and there are just some childhood or holiday treats you can’t do without, EAT IT. Enjoy yourself girl!!!!
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!…..with water!!!!
  5. Leave the leftovers.



  1. Girl get your workout on. Whether you are travelling or staying home, getting a good sweat sesh on will help burn some of those extra calories
  2. Early bird gets the worm, try to get active in the morning before everything gets started for the day!!!
  3. Skip the pity party and quit beating yourself up!
  4. Try some yoga to keep the Holiday anxiety in check.
  5. Make sure you are stretching. If you are travelling far or sitting for long periods of time, make stretching a part of your routine. This will keep you in the habit of moving and it will keep your body from getting stiff.
  6. Get your friends and family active, take a walk after a big meal. Make it fun by going caroling or taking bake goods to the neighbors, go ice skating. Make it fun!





This Holiday season don’t stress. Enjoy your family, friends and traditions and even some great food by using these tips to stay healthy!!!