Mar 05

Truth and Lies of the Fitness Industry

Welcome to  No Bull Fit, I am so glad to have you are on board as a part of my team! I am here to give you all the true and honest information with out all the…you guessed it; THE BULLS*&%!!!! 

Congratulation for making a lifestyle change or at least thinking about!!! Any positive change you make is going to contribute to the success of your future.  Remember, it is about the journey not the destination. It takes guts, it takes courage, it takes leaving your bulls*%# excuses at the door.

We will be DESTROYING ALL THE BULLS%*& AND THE LIES the fitness industry tells you.  I will provide you with some tips that are simple to follow so that you can meet your goalsSo stay tuned for the upcoming weeks for new tips on Eating Healthy Consistently and truths and myths about the health and fitness industry.

Let’s start with three simple concept or ideas about nutrition to get started! Nutrition is 90% of the work and you can’t out work a bad diet!

  1. Plan. You are going to see that word a lot, but it works. If you plan your meals, that gives you an outline for the week. By planning your meals before you go grocery shopping you are less likely to by unhealthy items and overspend. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO PLAN AN ELABORATE MEAL PLAN TO SUCCESSFULLY PREP FOR THE WEEK.  Bananas are a great grab and go breakfast or a snack as well as boiled eggs. The real bulls*%# is the fact that we see all of these pictures of these elaborate meals and the look overwhelming hard to make and basically sets you up for failure. If planning a whole week out seems to much at first. Start with ONE MEAL. REMEMBER,  one small step/change can make a huge impact. 
  1. Pick a day. Pick a day out of the week that is your least busy day and make it they day you go grocery shopping. If you have a set day of the week to buy groceries, it will become a part of your weekly routine. This will ensure that you have health food available to you at home, so that you will have NO NEED AND NO EXCUSE to eat out. 
  1.  Research. If you are planning to go out for dinner with a friend or with your family. Do a little research about the restaurant and their menu. Most restaurants have healthier options to choose from. By doing this you will already know what you are having and won’t be tempted to order something else. Honestly, eating at home is better but if are going out try and stick to the basics, meat, baked potato (plain) and steamed veggies.  

I hope these tips help you to make better choices. Remember you don’t have to make them all at once. Trying to change all your habits at one time is a recipe for disaster. Start simple. Start small.  Remember the phrase K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). 


Have a great day!