Feb 05

Pregnancy: Where does exercise FIT in?

Happy  Belated 2021!!! Guess what my fit fans!!!!   I am pregnant!!! What a way to start a New Year, right?!   Yes!!! You definitely read right!!!! Now peel yourself off the ground, take a deep breath, get a glass of water and calm down. It has definitely been one... read more →
Dec 06

Holiday Tips and Tricks!

To the horror of my stress levels and acid reflux the Holidays are rapidly approaching. The busy stores, the howling children, copious amounts of alcohol, Christmas cookies and snacks, casseroles, cheese….and did I mention the howling children??? Anyways we know the holidays can be super stressful and a time where... read more →
Apr 16
Apr 09

Be S.M.A.R.T, Make a Goal

So now that your bubble has been busted about the things that you thought you knew, it is time to fill your noggin full of the ACTUAL TRUTH!   The three biggest truths and most important things you must have/do to, change, have success, see results, BASICALLY DO ANYTHING are... read more →
Mar 19
Mar 05

Truth and Lies of the Fitness Industry

Welcome to  No Bull Fit, I am so glad to have you are on board as a part of my team! I am here to give you all the true and honest information with out all the...you guessed it; THE BULLS*&%!!!!  Congratulation for making a lifestyle change or at least thinking about!!! Any... read more →
Feb 22
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Lost 14lbs During The Holiday Season

Lyndsey is truly an angel! I had trained with her through kickboxing and decided I needed to tune up my nutrition. Being type one diabetic, I’ve known what to avoid and ate pretty healthy, but also had my weaknesses (coffee, dairy and chocolate ha!) Lyndsey came up with an 8... read more →
Feb 06
personal training, lose weight, no bull fit, the dungeon, lyndsey bobola, summerville, fitness

New Website is Live!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new website. We are exciting to continue helping women to get their life back on track and get in the best shape of their lives.