Personal Training

Are you ready for a no bull approach to your fitness? Are you ready to see real changes that last? Are you at your breaking point, confused by the load of lies and deception that fill the fitness world? Do you need guidance and accountability from someone who knows how to help?

Lyndsey Bobola is an ACE certified personal trainer with over six years of experience in the fitness industry. Taking no excuses, Lyndsey gives you authentic coaching and tools that will give you real results. She is here to help people who want to change.

Instagram, Pinterest, and self-proclaimed fitness experts filling the fitness and health industry with false and ineffective information. It’s no wonder that so many people feel completely lost and frustrated trying to navigate the overload of fitness information. Fad diets create fast change but no lasting results. Exercise routines created by people with no official training cause injury and inconsistent results. Instagram fitness models create images of perfection that are unattainable because they are not real.

Enough is Enough

When you have had enough and you need fitness, health, and life coaching with real results, Lyndsey is ready. Armed with experience, training, tools, and the attitude to keep you on the path to success, Lyndsey cuts through the bull to bring about real change.

You can lose unhealthy body fat, gain muscle, increase flexibility, and reach your life goals with No Bull Fitness!


Lyndsey works with people from all levels of health and fitness. She meets you where you are to help you reach your goals. If you are ready to crush your goals, then you are a perfect fit for No Bull Fitness. We will start with a free consultation where you get a chance to learn more about Lyndsey and her approach to reaching your goals. You can then choose the options to fit your goals. From personal training, nutrition, life coaching, and any combination of these, you will find solutions that fit what you need! Meet in person one-on-one or in a group, or access online training. Lyndsey offers answers to fit your schedule. No excuses, no bull!

No Bull Fitness Personal Training offers a free consultation, two personal training sessions per week plus one free, and weekly check-ins. If you add the Nutrition component, you will receive 10 weeks of nutrition accountability, 10 weekly in-person meetings, weigh-in assessment, handbook, and food recording journal on top of your personal training package.

Think you can do it on your own? Our No Bull Handbook Start Kit will provide you with the basic tools, ensuring you receive factual information and steps to achieve a higher level of health and fitness. This kit includes the handbook and food and fitness journal.

No Bull Fitness resources also include weekly emails full of factual advice and news, blogs, and resource links. Lindsey’s driving passion is to provide lasting change through tested health and fitness routines. When you commit with No Bull Fitness, you will receive the healthy and fit lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.


I offer several different packages so that you can tailor it to your life style. I have in- person/virtual session monthly packages based on your workout needs.

As well as a self-paced online program that is completely hands off! This program is great if you don’t need a trainer but you do need a little structure to your workouts. It also includes one weekly call with me to answer any questions you might have!

Online and personal training hybrid this is the best of both worlds. You will receive weekly pre-planned workouts as well as one weekly in person or virtual personal training session.

All Monthly packages can be in person or virtual sessions Please allow about 45 minutes to 60 minutes for each session.

4 Sessions Per Week

$400 per month

3 Sessions Per Week

$300 per month

2 Sessions Per Week

$200 per month

Online Training Program (At Home)

$180 (flat fee)

E-book will be emailed to you.

Online Training Program (Gym)

$180 (flat fee)

E-book will be emailed to you.

Online Program and Training Hybrid

$100 Per Month

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