Feb 22
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Lost 14lbs During The Holiday Season

Lyndsey is truly an angel! I had trained with her through kickboxing and decided I needed to tune up my nutrition. Being type one diabetic, I’ve known what to avoid and ate pretty healthy, but also had my weaknesses (coffee, dairy and chocolate ha!) Lyndsey came up with an 8 week plan for me, changed so much of my diet and where to implement certain foods in conjunction with exercise. I decided to start this during the hardest time of the year- Holiday season and managed to lose 14lbs (10 was my goal)! 

I had a bit of a barrier with an injury that made me take a step back and not get to push as hard as I had planned with my exercise, but I am so grateful with my outcome! The time, encouragement and no doubt attitude from Lyndsey made the weeks fly by. I truly miss seeing her face every week 😊❤️