Mar 19

Bursting Bubbles Since 1989: The Cold Hard Facts about Fitness and Nutrition

I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for a long time and what I found out is that for the most part we do not get much of the truth and if we do it is usually mixed in with a bunch of garbage you have to comb through to get a sliver of the facts.

It took me a long time, a lot of tears and headaches to get the truth about health and true wellness. And now I want to share these truths with the world!!!!

The Vehicle to Health

 I want you to envision a vehicle and all the mechanisms that help it run properly. Now I want you to think of nutrition and regular exercise as parts of the vehicle for TRUE HEALTH.  When everything works together you get total health and wellness. There are multiple parts that coincide to help make the journey successful and I am here to give you the truth and realities to my part of that vehicle; nutrition and exercise. The biggest downfall for most people when it comes to healthy eating and exercise, is information. We live in a social media world and are bombarded with information, about the best ways to lose weight, which exercise works for what body part, and ‘lose 40 lbs. in three weeks!!’ It is mind boggling. Especially, if you are new to your health and fitness journey. And all of it can be intimidating and a deterrent if you don’t know how to navigate the waters.

I am here as your captain, trying to steer you on the right path. And just like any good captain, I give you the truth straight up, no sugar coating. If you want good health, you got to throw away the excuses and work for it. So, let’s get started!


Truth No. 1

First, my ultimate and favorite phrase. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid). Not that your stupid at all!!! You are reading this blog, so you got to be a little smart 😊. What we tend to do is over complicate situations, we get all stupid and make things hard. For instance, we see things on social media like big elaborate meal preps, expensive workout equipment, diets with complicated rules and restrictions. What do we do? We immediately try to recreate these things because we believe, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE SUCCESS. But it makes us do the complete opposite; WE FAIL!!!  We fail because it becomes too complicated, too hard and too extreme and then we CRACK, BREAKDOWN AND GIVE UP!!! Basically, we set ourselves up for failure.  We buy a bunch of crap and hope that its going to magically make us healthier. What it takes is simple, tiny, uncomplicated steps to reach a goal you have created.  Example: you drink 6 sodas a day, try reducing it 1 per day, if you succeed, next week try reducing it by two. Not magic here people, just logic!!!


Truth No. 2

Next, steer clear of any diet. Diet stands for DISASTER IS EMINENT TODAY. Look, there are plenty of fad diets out there, that guarantee rapid weight loss in short amount of time. The problem with these types of diets is that they are designed for you to fail. You end up on a roll coaster of dieting. Ever wonder why it’s called yo-yo dieting? Because its EXACTLY THAT. On them, you lose weight because you have restricted some food group that you had no business removing and then as soon as you derail you gain all the weight back plus some. Where does that leave you?  Cursing the diet gods and unhealthier than you were originally and dangling from a cord over the mouth of another fad diet saying ‘hmmm this looks interesting, let me try this one.’ JUST SAY NO!!!!

The COLD HARD FACTS; you never learn any long-lasting lifestyle changes, nothing ever became a habit or part of your routine.  CHANGE IS NECESSARY FOR GROWTH.

Truth No. 3

Last but certainly not least, you must throw out the notion that the important part is the RESULTS. THE DESTINATION. THE END GAME. THE END ALL, BE ALL. Yes, it’s great to reach and achieve a goal but the most important part is what you learned on the journey. This is where you grow on a personal level and develop behavioral changes that help you make long lasting lifestyle changes. You can’t just be healthy for a little while and expect it to last. You got to do it daily to maintain good health.

Sorry  Not Sorry

I know. I know.  I probably busted a lot of bubbles just now but that is my job. Sorry not sorry. Our world is in a state of instant gratification, but the truth is that, anything good (aka your health) is going to take hard work and I am going to give you all the information you need to make this journey successful!!! So there is no excuse for you not to succeed!!! So if you are ready keeping following, reading and learning.