Apr 16

Learn to make your weightlosss stick with these simple tricks!

Hola Peeps!!! I hope your day is going well! Last time we talked about Goals and how to be SMART about it!!!! Now that you have a framework for your success (because you worked on it like a good productive person) we need to talk about what that means for daily life and how it affects your routine. Let learn to make your weightlosss stick with these simple tricks!


ANYONE can make a goal but only a few can stick to it and make it happen. So, what are somethings that can help you be successful? First, please read the disclaimer directly below this sentence before you continue




Read that one more time.


Okay now we can proceed.


Below, I have a listed a few things that help keep me consistent throughout the week, so that I make sure to do the daily task that need to get done to reach a goal successfully. These things far surpass just healthy living, these tips can be used in all parts of your life.



  1. MOST IMPORTANT BY FAR!!!!! You are going to see that word a lot, but it works!  If you plan your meals, your workouts and whatever else you are doing that has to be apart of your routine to get you where you need to be, you will be ahead of the game.  This is your outline for the week. By planning your meals before you go grocery shopping you are less likely to buy unhealthy items and overspend. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO PLAN AN ELABORATE MEAL PLAN TO SUCCESSFULLY PREP FOR THE WEEK (we have talked about this before).


Bananas are a great grab and go breakfast or snack as well as boiled eggs. The real bullshit is the fact that we see all of these pictures of these elaborate meals and the look overwhelming hard to make and basically sets you up for failure. If planning a whole week out seems too much at first. Start with ONE MEAL. REMEMBER, one small step/change can make a huge impact.


  1. Pick a day. Pick a day out of the week that works for you and make it they day you go grocery shopping/organization day. If you have a set day of the week to buy groceries, get your gym junk together it will become a part of your weekly routine. This will ensure that you have health food available to you at home, so that you will have the need to eat out or eat crap and that you get your butt in the gym.


  1. You have planned and picked. Now its time to prep!!! MEAL PREP CAN BE A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE OR A CHORE (maybe I am being a little over dramatic). Nevertheless, meal prep can really make or break you for the week. By precooking your meals for a week or a couple of days you can ensure you have healthy food prepared for when life gets crazy.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or an all-day ritual, it can be as simple as having a tuna packets and veggies cut for the week for lunch.  See my facebook page for meal prep videos and posts: https://www.facebook.com/NoBullFitCHS/


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